VERT for Physicists

Providing detailed explanations of radiation therapy quality assurance equipment, principles and techniques can be challenging if learners have little or no prior knowledge. Understanding the principles involved prior to practical experience enhances student learning.

The Solution

VERT Physics provides the tools to demonstrate real world procedures and equipment, simulate errors in measurement technique and see the measurements expected before taking the actual measurements on the real world machine. VERT Physics extends the capabilities of VERT to provide a comprehensive package for teaching physics and quality assurance principles, procedures and equipment.

Plotting TankAn optional module, expanding the teaching capabilities of VERT.

Simulate typical QA procedures and demonstrate principles.

Detailed and faithful representation of real world equipment including: Plotting tank, Alignment phantom, Chamber calibration, Ion chamber and QA plate

Comine with the simulated errors and variances option in VERT to create geometrical errors for Linac parameters. 


VERTâ„¢ Physics provides the following benefits:

QA PlateMake the Linac time available really count by teaching concepts and principles ahead of time.

Introduce simulated errors in measurements.

Simulate real word scenarios.

Learn complex processes in a safe environment.

Innovative touch screen controls.

VERT Physics integrates with the VERT Touchscreen display to show PDD curves, profiles, ion chamber readings and more. To find out more about the touchscreen features of VERT click here


 For further information download our flyer, VERT Physics here.

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