In the Clinic

Linear accelerators are a precious resource and are needed constantly to treat patients. Today's treatment techniques are both complex and challenging and require in depth explanation. Training students, offering continuing education to staff and providing information to patients, allied health professionals and visitors ideally requires a Linac for demonstration. This raises the issue of providing a realistic learning experience and explaining complex theoretical concepts and techniques in a simple and highly visual manner that can be easily assimilated and understood.

The Solution


VERTTM is a flight simulator for Linacs. Treatments delivered on the real world machines can be virtually delivered on VERT. Visualisation of the patient, CT images and structures provides detailed information regarding patient anatomy. No radiation dose means training is safe and being away from the Linac means the sessions are not time pressured. The highly visual nature of Vertual's products make learning an engaging and enjoyable experience.


VERT in the clinic

VERT Clinic

Reduce real world Linac time needed for training.

Investigate near misses and simulate errors for training and educational purposes.

Protect precious resources: Linac time is used only where needed.

Use for patient and carer education. Find out more

Visitors, allied health professionals and patients can benefit from seeing a Linac without having access to the real Linac room.

An innovative and versatile tool for continuing education.

VERT can also be used for upskilling staff, providing continuing education and for new technique introduction.

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Continuing education content developed by one of our clinical partners is now avaialble for use with VERT. 



PEARLTM is an innovative tool for providing information, raising awareness and building confidence in radiation therapy as a modality and in providing detailed explanation of treatment techniques. Patients, their relatives and referring physicians can benefit from seeing treatment techniques in detail. See the target areas and organs at risk and understand the differences in treatment techniques. A product that caters for today's informational needs. A simpler, more patient centric product than VERT, designed with a dedicated user interface and with information and awareness in mind.


PEARL in the clinic

PEARL is a virtual Linac available on your desk.PEARL Clinic

An innovative tool to explain radiation therapy to your patients and to referring physicians.

Communicate the different techniques, benefits and concepts of radiation therapy in a highly visual and compelling environment.

PEARL seamlessly integrates into the existing information chain and improves on more traditional methods.

Improve patient understanding, increase awareness of radiation therapy and build confidence.

PEARL enhances the information that you can provide, bringing real benefits to your patients and to your centre.

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