VERT for Anatomy teaching. 

Detailed relational anatomy knowledge underpins an understanding of the complex delivery techniques and planning decisions made in radiation therapy. Traditionally this anatomical knowledge has been gained using 2D methods which can prove challenging when learners are required to relate this 2D learning to the real 3D world.

VERT is a highly visual and engaging platform to learn anatomy and enables the learner to directly relate this knowledge to radiation therapy techniques. The concepts of tumour volume and organs at risk can be clearly explained. VERT is a highly useful tool for both students learning anatomy for the first time and professionals wishing to refresh their current knowledge to help them perform better in their current or future roles.

VERT provides many benefits for anatomy training 

VERT ChestEnhanced visualisation of the patient actually on the Linac couch creates an intuitive view inside the patient and relates external and internal anatomy.

Visualisation of cross sectional anatomy on CT for students, therapists, dosimetrists and clinicians.

Identify organs at risk, target structures and relate to the planned treatment.

See inside the patient, see what's included in the beam and see the dose received.

View the contours drawn on CT slices during the planning process.

Customer comment

"The location of organs in relation to surface anatomy linked in with CT slices was very useful and a great refresher...."

Urvina Shah and Angela Williams, Clinical Learning Facilitators, Mount Vernon Hospital, UK

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VERT for Cross-sectional anatomy


VERT can be used for teaching cross sectional anatomy to student therapists, for qualified staff refresher training and also for allied health professionals. The image size makes demonstrating structures simpler and the image settings can be adjusted to use the full image without the Linac in the background. 

VERT is highly visual and the cross sectional anatomy can be related to the patients' surface and to sagittal and coronal views also to aid explanation and assist with understanding. 


Some customers share their experience of VERT as a tool for teaching anatomy below. 

 "The students love it, VERT can let you see anything you want: tissue, muscle, bones or organs.

You can even zoom in and see the radiation beam hitting the tumor and organs. This is priceless education."

Kameka Rideaux, MBA RT(R)(T), Instructor, Education Coordinator

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Department of School

of Health Professions (Now at UT Southwestern, TX)


Anatomy and radiotherapy in a wider context.

“Our Head and Neck Master classes have brought VERT to nurse specialists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.  The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive because we are able to study anatomy in 3D, making it far more interactive than a standard conference.”

Ben Roe, Senior lecturer at University of the West of England. (Now at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton)