Aarhus University Hospital Learning Centre


Annette‘The virtual linac is an integral part of our skills suite... A Learning Centre with VERT system integrated gave the possibility to double up our training capacity...

The VERT system provides a new way to improve the spatial understanding of complex radiotherapy plans’

Annette Bøjen, Head Of Learning Centre, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus was the first VERT system installed in 2007



MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA

Kameka"With VERT, we can reproduce everything virtually in the classroom, using actual patient data. Students can take their time to learn and ask questions. We can show the entire treatment process from start to finish, so they can see the results and discuss what could have been done differently."

Kameka Rideaux, MBA RT(R)(T)

Instructor, education coordinator, University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Center Department of School of Health Professions

To find out more about VERT experience at MD Anderson cancer center watch a video here.


Community College Denver

Phyllis"I was at a clinical site this morning where one of my students is interning (it is only her second day in the clinic) and the therapist told the student they “Couldn’t believe yesterday was her first day on the machine, she was operating the equipment and understanding the patient setups like she had been doing this all year”. ...This new class of students spent their first 8 weeks in VERT Labs before I sent them into the clinic to work with patients."

Phyllis DeBaun, Program Director, Community College Denver, Denver

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Birmingham City University


‘The VERT system has transformed the way we teach students on our radiotherapy courses here at Birmingham City University. It is now an integral part of many modules and continues to help us prepare students before they go out to clinical placement. Additionally VERT is now being used to introduce students from a range of other healthcare disciplines to the basic concepts of radiotherapy as a mainstream treatment modality in oncology – it truly is a multidisciplinary tool.’

Julie Hall, Senior lecturer Birmingham City University

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