September 2011

Tilburg choose a Business grade, Immersive VERT system to train radiotherapy students.

Vertual are pleased to announce that Tilburg are the first site to choose a back projection system using a business grade projector. The system will be installed in late 2011 ready for student training sessions in early 2012.


13th September 2011 - Second International VERT User Meeting

The second international VERT User meeting was held on the 13th of September for 70 delegates at Kingston university, Kingston upon Thames, UK.

The leaders and innovators in deploying VERT shared their experiences to an international audience. In the afternoon, Kameka Rideaux from MD Anderson Cancer Center was the invited international speaker. Kameka explained why virtual reality systems are beneficial in training, discussed how students fail and shared her experience of the implementation of VERT for their RTT program.

The event was well attended, well received and the feedback from the day was excellent.

Vertual User Meeting


August 2011

VisonRT installs a VERT system in its brand new training centre near Washington DC

Vision RT has recently opened a customer training facility in Maryland and has installed a VERT system to use as a virtual Linac during customer training courses. The Vertual Linac will provide treatment delivery options to the team delivering training at the impressive new facility.


Bellevue community college choose VERT for student training

Vertual are pleased to announce the installation of a Seminar VERT system at Bellevue Community College in Washington state. The system went live in October 2011.

“The students are loving the VERT, and learning so much very quickly! We’re having fun with it.” Said Sally Ramirez, Program Director radiation therapy, Bellevue Community College.


The Australia Government Department of Health and Ageing Provide funding for 5 Fully Immersive Systems for Australia Universities.

Vertual and CMS Alphatech are delighted to announce that 5 Fully, Immersive state of the art VERT systems with the highest specification equipment are to be installed in Australia. The systems will be installed later in the year and early next year. The systems will be located at at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of South Australia, Univeristy of Newcastle, Queensland University of Technology and Sydney University. The systems will prove to be a huge asset to the training programs at each facility.


June 2011

Vertual are sad to announce that Professor Roger Phillips, one of the 3 founders of Vertual Ltd, passed away in June 2011.

Vertual Roger

Roger Phillips was Managing director of Vertual Ltd and contributed greatly to the formation of Vertual as a company and the success of VERT.

We have been very touched to receive sincere messages of condolence from many members of the radiation therapy and computer science communities worldwide. Roger will be sadly missed for his leadership and guidance, intellect and vision but also for his personality, sense of humour and his determination to succeed. Professor Andy Beavis, one of the co-founders of Vertual said "it was a fantastic and happy time that we spent working together, our thoughts remain with his family"

Read Roger’s obituary published in Synergy news here


May 2011

Community College Denver wins an outstanding program award.

PhyllisPhyllis DeBaun, program director at Denver community college has been presenting with an outstanding program award from the Colorado state community college board.

A highly delighted Phyllis said “Thanks to all of you at Vertual for helping me help students deliver the absolute best possible patient care! Without their training on VERT they wouldn't be where they are today in their training!!!”


Vertual showcases the Seminar VERT solution at ESTRO 30.

The 30th anniversary meeting was an excellent opportunity for Vertual to showcase an affordable and compact VERT solution suitable for many meeting and lecture rooms. The Seminar VERT solution is ideal for non-dedicated meeting rooms and requires little to no room preparation prior to installation. There are currently 57 Seminar system installed worldwide. This product enables smaller academic institutions, clinics and training centres to have access to this exciting and innovative technology. Visitors to the booth were invited to meet VERT experts Dean Garnham, his job title from Ipswich hospital and Mark Holland, Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University during the meeting. Demonstrations of VERT were provided on the hour every hour and Vertual also offered visitors the chance to try VERT for themselves on the interactive station.


April 2011

Vertual Founder member wins prestigious Eurographics Prize

James Ward at Eurographics AwrdsJames Ward and collaborating partners have been awarded joint first prize for the Dirk Bartz Prize for visual computing in Medicine 2011. James submitted “A virtual environment for radiotherapy training in education” and will present the work and collect the award at the EG 2011 Award ceremony in Llandudno.


VERT system installed at Mater Dei hospital in Malta

A full Immersive VERT system has been installed at the Mater Dei hospital in Malta as part of a larger project to provide equipment to the hospital. The project was coordinated with Technoline, VERT distributors for Malta.

VERT Trainign Malta

Students receive a demonstration from radiotherapy lecturers during VERT training.


Vertual Appoints VERT Distributor in Spain

Vertual are pleased to announce Aplicaciones Tecnolologicas S.A. as our official distributor of VERT in Spain. This is the first opportunity for Spanish customers to discuss the software with a local company based in Spain who have knowledge of the market, the techniques and the challenges customers face to provide comprehensive, engaging and intuitive training for radiation therapy professionals. Arthur Kay, Vertual’s Director of International Sales and Marketing said, “We are delighted to be working with Aplicaciones Tecnologicas to bring advanced virtual reality training to Spanish radiation therapy professionals. Our users’ experience in many countries demonstrates conclusively that students trained using our technology are not only much more capable when entering the clinic for the first time but are also able to implement advanced techniques such as IMRT and IGRT with minimal additional guidance.”


March 2011

Vertual installs the first system in Western Canada

British Columbia UniversityThe British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Vancouver, Canada has recently had a fully Immersive VERT system installed. The system includes a cinema grade projector and will be used during radiation therapy labs. Lorraine Clark-Roe, Program Head, Radiation Therapy explained the possible benefits for patients when students have had access to VERT in their practical labs prior to clinical placement.

"I think patients will realise that there's less hesitation on the part of the students, there is more confidence.... as well as less chatter between the student and the actual therapist on what should and shouldn't be done. I think the whole experience will be more professional perhaps, or confidence inducing even, for the patient."


November 2010

Varian Medical Systems now has VERT systems installed at 3 training centres worldwide

Following the installation at Varian’s training facility in Mumbai in August 2101, Varian Medical systems has recently installed a VERT system in its Las Vegas Training facility and one at the training facility in Zug, Switzerland. The system will be used to train new staff and during appropriate user training courses.


New VERT Software, Version 2.7 is released

Customers can now benefit from the latest release of VERT software including improvements to dose visualisation, beams eye view functionality, support for points of interest and multiple isocentre plans. Support for the Apple iPad is included to allow users greater freedom when presenting and an additional platform for simulation of couch controls. Further improvements to linac models have been implemented. The upgrade is free of charge to VERT customers with current support contracts.


Vertual exhibits IGRT course in Milan and company founder delivers an invited lecture.

Vertual recently exhibited at the ESTRO IGRT course in Milan, Italy. Meeting attendees were able to see a full demonstration of the VERT system including the IGRT module used to show the workflow to match 2D images during a patient treatment. Company founder, Professor Andy Beavis was pleased to be invited to deliver a lecture during the course proceedings.


October 2010

Vertual exhibits at ASTRO in San Diego

Vertual Astro 2010Following the success of our first ASTRO exhibition in 2009 Vertual were pleased to demonstrate the latest version of VERT and to announce the creation of VERT Physics, a realistic simulation of quality assurance equipment to simulate real world QA principles and procedures.

New to the Vertual booth in 2010 was the opportunity to “try VERT for yourself” giving attendees the opportunity to see VERT first hand and interact with the software. Visitors to the booth were also offered the chance to “meet the expert”, experienced VERT users with knowledge of VERT implementation in educational institutions and hands on teaching experience with the software. Experts’ on the booth were Renate Bradley from the Michener Institute, Phyllis DeBaun from Community College Denver and Mark Holland from Birmingham City University.


September 2010 - National Report hails early success for VERT roll out in the UK

The Department of Health funded the roll out of VERT to over 40 sites in England. A project was commissioned to report on the experience of VERT users for the first 18 months of this roll out. The project has just published its findings in the report Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT) Final Project Report and its Executive Summary. Early indications that using VERT increase the skills, knowledge of radiotherapy and confidence. This finding was reported by both students and staff, the report is available here.


August 2010

First VERT sales in USA

Vertual is proud to announce that in July 2010 both MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Community College of Denver purchased VERT systems.

Denver have purchased Vertual's latest Seminar VERT system. This system uses the latest 3D business projectors which makes VERT solutions readily affordable. Their VERT system went live in August 2010.

MDACC have purchased Vertual's top of the range Immersive VERT system with tracking that gives users a holographic experience. Their system is going live in early September 2010.

Roger Phillips, Managing Director and Co-founder of Vertual, said "these first sales in the USA is a very important step forward for Vertual. We now have 5 VERT systems in North America and over 65 VERT systems globally. I'm so pleased that more radiation therapy students will receive the benefits of VERT based training which will surely lead to improved patient care. We look forward to working with Denver and MDACC as they introduce VERT into their teaching programmes."


April 2010

Release of VERT 2.6

Vertual is proud to announce the release of its VERT 2.6 Software. This is major step forward in functionality which will extend and improve VERT as a training and educational tool. VERT 2.6 has stunning new features for dose display, multibeam display, emulation of couch controls, CT display, IGRT, DRRs etc.

James Ward (our Head of R & D and Co-founder) said "We are proud to release the latest version of VERT and of the continued collaboration with our reference sites and customers to continuously improve our software. This latest version represents a significant step forward and I am confident will assist our existing customers and potential customers in delivering state of the art training".


March 2010

First International VERT User Meeting

The first international VERT User meeting for users who have been the leaders and innovators in deploying VERT shared their experiences to an international audience of 70 delegates in Bristol, UK. At the Meeting Vertual launched its VERT 2.6 software release and its Recruitment VERT system.